New Brunswick to sell Children

Jan 9th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: News

Citing the failure of its sale of New Brunswick Power to Hydro Quebec, Premier Shawn Graham today announced the beginning of talks leading to instead sell off tens of thousands of New Brunswick children to Quebec.

The deal, said to be worth over 2 billion dollars, will see all Francophone children born in New Brunswick over the next 5 years shipped to Quebec to address declining birth rates there.

“We will retain the children of English-speaking families”, said a spokesperson, “which is probably all this second-rate shit-hole of a pseudo-Province can support”.  That the province tried to sell its English-speaking children but could find no markets was neither confirmed or denied.

The plan has received mixed reviews in Quebec.  Critics have noted that the children of New Brunswick are of Acadian descent and so, while “French”, cannot be viewed as “pure laine” (Franco-Aryan).

– Coco Cabrera

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