More Bad Weather to Come, Warn Terrorists

Feb 11th, 2010 | By Paul Moth | Category: News, Politics

Terrorist snow in US capitolAn unidentified spokesman for a previously unknown terror cell, Al Qaeda in the Alleghenny, claimed use of a new terror device and responsibility for the recent snowfalls that have paralyzed Washington, D.C., and most of the east coast of the United States.

In a video released on the internet, the spokesman continues, “[Y]ou ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  We now control the weapon of nature, Allah be praised.  Our brothers of Al Qaeda in the Caribbean prepared a warning shot with the earthquake in Haiti.  The mudslides in California are most holy works of  Al Qaeda and Skate Shop in San Bernardino.  The snows of the Olympics we dump on Washington, nest of Crusader vipers.  The rain on your deserts shall be like rain on the desert.”

A recent earth tremor in Chicago has also been claimed by an Al Qaeda splinter group.

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