Canada Quits

Mar 10th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Arts

The 2010 edi­tion of Canada Reads has come to an early con­clu­sion with all five read­ers giv­ing up on their books.

First to quit the CBC spon­sored com­pe­ti­tion was Perdita Feli­cien who had mis­tak­enly assumed her title, Anne Marie MacDonald’s “Fall On Your Knees,” was about track and field.

Michel Vez­ina left the book he was defend­ing, “Nikol­ski” by Nicholas Dick­ner, on a bus and never both­ered to obtain another copy.  “It was okay, I sup­pose, but once it was lost I couldn’t be both­ered,” said Vezina.

Saman­tha Nutt sim­ply put down Wayson Choy’s “The Jade Peony” and found she could not pick it up again.  An anony­mous spokesper­son for Canada Reads said that Wayson Choy being an aging and ail­ing gay Chi­nese man had no effect on Ms. Nutt’s deci­sion other than to make her feel vaguely guilty even though she knew she had no rea­son to be.

Roland Pem­ber­ton had checked Dou­glas Coupland’s “Gen­er­a­tion X” out from a pub­lic library and felt obliged to return it, unfin­ished, by its due date.

Simi Sara was defend­ing the title, “Good to a Fault” by Marina Endi­cott when she dropped it .  Sara said she just got real busy with the other things and then just didn’t feel like going back to it.

Host of Canada Reads, Jian Ghome­shi, said he still has not read the books from last year’s Canada Reads.

- Coco Cabrera

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