Coulter Duceppe Shocker

Mar 24th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Featured, Uncategorized

"To be a man as a woman is an act of resistance!"

Jostling by protesters outside her University of Ottawa speaking engagement dislodged the long haired blond wig worn by Ann Coulter to reveal that she is, in fact, Gilles Duceppe.

Duceppe has apparently been leading the double life of Quebec Separatist and American Reactionary Dingbat for years.

“Either way, as a proud Quebecois or as a freedom loving American Libertarian, English Canadians they hate me. To be a man as a woman is an act of resistance!”

The urge to live part of his life as an American woman reputedly goes back to a visit to Montreal Duceppe made as a teen.  But pressures from the contradictions implicit in being a separatist paid handsomely to sit in the Canadian commons finally drove him to act.  He said the impulse to leave the body that he had been forced to inhabit while remaining ensconced within it was irresistible.  “I have sexual sovereignty as a woman while remaining associated with my maleness,” said Duceppe.

Ezra Levant, who had been alone with Ms. Coulter for several hours earlier in the day, was visibly distressed by the revelation.  “What happened in there was Un-Canadian,” said Levant.

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