Frum Hard Turn Left

Frum hand signals a left turn

Mar 26th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: News

D-Boy F

After being fired from his cushy sinecure at The American Enterprise Institute for daring to question right wing dogma on public health care policy, David Frum has decided to reinvent himself as an African-American liberal.

Frum will embrace such loony liberal views as compulsory homosexuality in the military, marijuana recess programs in  schools, equal time for Satanism, Income Tax and Tofurkey.

“I saw David, or  D-Boy F as he is now calling himself, yesterday and he seemed to be handling the transition well.  He had gone to a European film in the afternoon, had a few espressos and even bought a second-hand book, a novel,” said a friend who wished to remain anonymous. “There was a little slip when he freaked at this homeless lady, telling her to get a job, but otherwise he seems to have changed lanes pretty well. He is taking saxophone lessons. He’s gone from the Think Tank to a Pink Tank.”

Frum, who sort of looks like an African American in the dark, had a more difficult time passing himself off as a bona fide right winger when he first came to Washington.  “He had a lot of disadvantages, ” said the friend. “He was Canadian, had a mother who famously worked at a public broadcaster and, face it, he didn’t look like he jumped off the Mayflower.  At least his family was stinking rich.”

Frum overcame the odds by ingratiating himself with the Bush/Cheney kleptocracy, where he became a speech writer and frequent victim of abuse from the then Puppet President.

“Bush was known for having these sort of degrading pet names for people and David had a very difficult period working there before one stuck.  He had to suffer through “Shithead” and “Hey, Waiter” for a long time before he felt he was part of the inner circle.”

Frum, shunned by his right wing friends after his expulsion from The American Enterprise Institute, has been quick to make a new circle of lefty friends.  He has left his Georgetown residence and moved to a squat in Anacostia.

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