Senate Not Meritocracy

Demers not drunk

Apr 26th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Politics

A spokesperson has shrugged off anti-semitic comments by illiterate Conservative Senator Jacques Demers as “harmless stupidity.”

Demers made comments about the schnozzola of his c0-host, Michael Landsberg, during a segment on TSN’s  “Off the Record”.   Demers suggested the shape of Landsberg’s nose would get him a table at Moishe’s, “a nice Jewish restaurant” in Montreal.

“Look, the Prime Minister is on record as being against the Senate in its current manifestation, and he has only met with resistance when he’s tried to reform it.  Why shouldn’t he express his contempt for the institution by appointing people utterly unfit for office?” the spokesperson said.

In Ottawa yesterday there was wide agreement that Demers is a nice man but with limited understanding of the meaning of words.  “Can we blame the guy for not knowing what he’s saying?  He coached hockey, he’s not an intellectual. The Conservative Party of Canada will always have a place for the more dimwitted citizens of the nation.”

Miss Prince Edward Island 2008

Earlier this year another new Senator, the grotesquely corpulent Conservative Party stooge Mike Duffy, created controversy with a number of offensive comments.  “That’s a different matter,” said the spokesperson. “I don’t think Senator Duffy is that dumb. The conjecture is, in those cases, that  he was drunk.”

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