Ghomeshi Tweet Wins Prize

Everything that's wrong about Toronto in 140 characters or less

May 25th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Featured

jianghomeshi: Had occasion for good chat w/ Conan at after-party/dinner last eve (merci, @RootsCanada). He kindly acted like he remembered me. Twas sweet.That Twitter posting, or “tweet” by aging CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi has won the Voretski Prize for new forms of literature.  The prize is unusual in that it comes with a bill rather than an award.

“In this one pithy post the author, or twit, has captured everything that is wrong about Toronto,” read a statement by the panel of judges. “It fawns over and seeks the approbation of an American celebrity, one whose fame has waned, managing to be self important and pathetic at once.  The poignancy of the final sentiment, that the celebrity pretending to remember Mr. Ghomeshi, “Twas sweet,” is what separated this tweet from so many other trite observations we had to wade through.  What first looks to be name-dropping descends to a level of neediness that verges on the masochistic.  It goes from self-aggrandizement to self-abasement in 21 words.”  The essence of a tweet, according to the judges, is its balance of vanity and banality.

The award is a vindication for Ghomeshi whose tweets were recently deemed “spam” by the Canadian Radio-Television Commission. The CRTC cited the volume of the self-promotional messages as a leading factor in its decision.

Ghomeshi was presented with his invoice at a Korean pojangmacha, or street food wagon, on Bloor St. West in his native Toronto. All proceeds from payments of Voretski Prize statements finance further studies into new forms of literature – the tweet, the poetelle, the prescription and the” yellow sticky” are some recent examples.

Conan O’Brien was once well-known for having held NBC  to ransom for $45 million USD, a demand to ensure he would  not perform his act on their network.  A change in earth’s orbit was the predicted result of  O’Brien’s cancellation though it was, ultimately, without consequence.

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