Canada’s New Reactionary Net

Country to be rump of Bush America

Jun 10th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Featured

Former Harper adjutant for spin Herr Kory Teneycke is reported to be leading an effort to create a far right wing cable television service, modeled on the Fox News Network, for the New Canada. Fox News enjoyed a brief period of popular success in the United States before the systemic failure of the Republican Kleptocracy and the consequent crash of American capitalism and the once-mighty nation’s economy.  Fox News is now more generally viewed as a repellent, fringe, anti-intellectual pile of shit.

The Canadian knock-off start-up is backed by Quebecor, a Quebec media group in the control of the dimwitted son of its founder Pierre Péladeau.  The well known Canadian swindler Brian M. Mulroney serves on the Quebecor Board.

Ezra Levant

The new cable service will feature, as does Fox, barking ultra right wing conservative commentators as well as intensely biased reportage. The service will pay special attention to slamming the state and science, it will champion Libertarian values and “The Family.”  It is said to be aimed specifically at Canadians with more right wing views and more generally at bigots and idiots.  Possible hosts being discussed are MP Rob Anders and the Reverend Charles McVety.  David Frum is said to be looking for work.

Many see the creation of the service as an attempt to cash-in on Canada’s gradual creep right.  The theory that Teneycke represents a group that wants to establish Canada as a theocratic redoubt for disillusioned American Republicans has not been found to have any foundation.

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