Bonhomme Back on the Snow

Desperate for money to support habit

Sep 26th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Politics

Quebec icon Bonhomme Carnaval posed for a Maclean’s cover accusing his adopted home province of being the most corrupt in Canada “for the dough.” Monsieur Carnaval said he needed the money to support his drug habit.

Distinct Culture

“I am not proud of what I have done,” said the puffy figure, “but after years of this self abasement I have no shame.”

Born Malhomme Carnal in Grenoble, France, Carnaval moved to Quebec to take the job as mascot for the Quebec Winter Carnival in 1978.   His predecessor Poppin Fresh had left the position to pursue opportunities in the television industry in the United States.  Carnal’s intention was to take the job for two years only in order to put away enough money to pay his debts to the feared Michelin gang of Lyon.

It wasn’t long before Carnaval started working, during the summers, for the Montreal engineering company, Cosa Nostra Contracting. Though Carnaval had no formal training he was soon designing and supervising the construction of roads and bridges throughout the province.

When a tunnel Carnaval designed to run under the St. Lawrence river from Montreal to Longueuil came to the surface, instead, on Île Sainte Hélène Carnaval’s lack of qualifications was exposed.  He claims the stress from the scandal caused him to resume a drug habit he thought he had kicked.

This would contradict reports of Bonhomme hosting wild drug-fueled parties in Quebec City in January.

Since his appearance on the Macleans cover Carnaval has been dropped from the committee working to reestablish an NHL franchise in Quebec City.

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