Fat Assed Legions

Billionaires buy outrage

Sep 10th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Politics

Noting the success of other billionaires in tricking fat-assed cracker rubes into doing their dirty work, weirdo Libertarian triplets the Gunthers of Indiana are establishing the Institute for American Feudalism and inventing a grass roots movement they call The Freedomers.  Both are dedicated to manipulating gullible Americans into advocating for the increasing privilege of the super-rich.

Fox News

The Gunthers are reclusive industrialists.   They privately hold the companies American Radon, American Index Waste of America, USA Plastifoods and American Energone USA Corporation.

“The Kochs have had great success in funding lunatic fringe think tanks and the Tea Party movement, Rupert Murdoch has made it his very business, and up north, in Canada, they already have a Libertarian wanna-be in the Prime Minister’s office,” said Lucy Roberts, a spokesperson for the family. “Despite living as mole people in profound seclusion with much of their money in a lightless environment, the Gunthers love American liberty and deeply believe that the poor and working people want to protect their right, under the constitution, to unchecked rapacious Capitalism”.

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