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Ottawa's Piggy Bank-Busting Blow-out

Sep 28th, 2010 | By Paul Moth | Category: Politics

Critics dismayed at cost of G8/G20

Prime Minister Steve Harper and his Conservative cohort are beaming with glee. The G8 and G20 meetings in Ontario this year proved the country can play with the big boys.

Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff and NDP head Jacko Leyton led the opposition howlers and debunkers claiming the only thing the meetings proved was that Canada can pay with the big boys.

Government expenditures on the sumptuous summit were revealed in part this past week after a question from Liberal MP Ralph Goodale.

“Flabbergasted,” was the response from the Liberals. “We’re flummoxed,” said the NDP. “Fatuous waste,” lamented the Green Party. “C’est fucké,” was the cri de guerre from the Blanc Quebecois.

All the opposition parties pointed at the extreme expense of the meetings, said to total over a billion dollars [all prices in Canadian funds.]

Among the unexplained, big-ticket items purchased for the G-8/G-20 meetings:

–$199,000 for a Versace ‘Marie Antoinette’ cocktail dress and ‘Sese Seko’ bustier for what was billed as a “GG-20 Key Party” for world leaders and their spouses hosted by an unnamed “representative of Her Majesty”;

–$117,000 for KY Jelly (“Red Serge” brand);

–$2.3 million to install a hall of mirrors in the summit meeting palace;

–$48 million to a Calgary-based tech firm for an electronic French-English-Portuguese-Spanish-German-Italian-Russian-Chinese-Japanese-Hindi-Albertan dictionary app for Blackberry that proved unusable;

–$147,000 for an anti-terrorist snack cracker;

–$28,000 dollars for black balaclavas, “hoodlum” costumes, Doc Martens and “authentic-looking found objects guaranteed to break glass” from Anarchorags.com;

–$39.96 for lighter fluid and white gas from Canadian Tire.

This in addition to questionable security items http://www.urnews.ca/2010/05/toronto-police-will-deploy-fecal-cannon/

Non-partisan critics of the G8/G20 expenses include former URNews scribe Valerie Dingle, author of “Pris­oner of Lon­don Loo: Harper’s Bath­room Humil­i­a­tion.” http://www.urnews.ca/2010/06/harpers-g20-revenge-strategy/

Dingle claims validation of her views on Prime Minister Harper. “I told you this guy would brook no opposition. I warned you of his monarchical tendencies. I advised he would break the bank in a bid to become the first King of Canada.”

Dingle outlines her theory in the yet-to-be-published book “Revenge of the Nerd: Harper Plays Canada Like A Piano.”

Defenders of the summit expenditures point to the experience gained by Canada’s peacekeepers as they roamed the streets of Toronto keeping the peace, to the huge amounts of money expended in traditional Conservative ridings, and to the legacy fence.

With files from Carl Johnson

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