Global Stupiding

Canada's IQ drops 3 points over stupidest summer on record

Sep 10th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Featured

Global StupidingRecent precipitous drops in the intelligence of the human race are providing more ammunition for scientists warning about Global Stupiding.

So called “Stupiding Deniers,” however, say the drop in reasoning capacity can be attributed to natural factors and has happened numerous times before in human history. “Look at the Dark Ages for heaven sake,” said Stupiding denier Carl Pemberton. “All of Europe went dumb in a few generations.”

But Bill Kennedy of Madison, Wisconsin’s Institute for the Study of Human Intelligence argues that there is overwhelming evidence that we are witnessing much more than simple cyclical idiocy.  “You have to look at the broad picture, the change in cognitive ability and intellectual performance over many years.  We aren’t pointing to one really dumb thing that happened, like, say, the Canadian Government’s decision to cancel the mandatory long form census, and saying ‘look, Canada is suddenly populated and run by boobs.’  We’re saying that the decision is the result of a larger problem.”

Why Canada has gotten so much stupider so much faster than anywhere else has researchers like Kennedy baffled. “I dunno. It used to rate in the top twenty percent and now it seems to have fallen — or rather, walked with a stupid smile on its face — into a pole.”

Stupiding Denier Pemberton disagreed that there has been a drop. “Canadians have always been much stupider than they seemed.”

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