Government Hates All Canada

Harper "epitome" of Toronto elite

Sep 17th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: News

The furor over House Leader John Baird’s comment yesterday suggesting the country was being adversely affected by “Toronto elites” has lead the Prime Minister’s Office to clarify that it hates all of Canada and not merely Toronto.

Conservative Caucus

“Steve’s been clear on this,” said Conservative spokesman Dunning Kruger. “He can’t stand Canada – place turns his stomach. That why he’s so motivated.  Look at the record.  He said Canada was ‘content to remain a second-tier socialistic country.’ He said that Atlantic Canada had ‘a culture of defeat.’ He implored Alberta to ‘surround’ itself with ‘a firewall.'”

The PMO also stressed that, born and raised in Toronto, the piano-playing Steve Harper, in possession of the highest office in the land, was the epitome of a “Toronto elite.” When asked whether this meant that Steve Harper “hated himself,” a different spokesperson responded “absolutely and unequivocally – the Prime Minister is, like very many Canadians, profoundly self-loathing.”

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