Knopf Knitting

Publisher changes focus

Sep 9th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Arts

Giller Jury

Recognizing that the audience for fiction is overwhelmingly comprised of women, giant publishing firm Knopf has decided to introduce a line of knitting products.

“There will still be books,” said Knopf spokesperson Mureilla Pent. “But there will also be wool and acrylic yarns  in a range of yummy colours.”

While the move will discourage an already profoundly depressed literary community, business commentators have been enthusiastic about the expansion.

“They have the market right there,” said analyst Richard Fowler. “The gals like to read, they like to knit.  I would throw in a line of teas and stuff like extra soft tissues for a good cry and you’ve got the whole package.”  Big box chain Chapters recognized the change in the book market some years ago and shifted the retail focus to cds of tepid jazz music and expensive chocolates.

Publishers acknowledge they must take some of the blame for the decline in male readership. “Face it, most of our titles have been about the unhappy lives of pioneer women.  We probably should have been more open to fiction about tits and ass, grilled meat and trucks.”

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