P.E.I. Has Separated

Successful referendum campaign to leave Confederation went unnoticed

Sep 22nd, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Featured

Following a referendum held in January, the province of Prince Edward Island has separated from Canada.  The departure of the province from Confederation initially came to light as the first wave of summer vacationers, arriving on the island in June, discovered they needed travel visas to enter the independent nation of King Edward Island.  The news was slow to reach the Canadian media in Toronto and arrived at a time when many reporters were, themselves, vacationing.

Freedom Fighter

“No national news organizations have presence down here,” said the new country’s Minister of Foreign Affair, Duff Bernard, “so while it was a big deal down here, I guess most of Canada missed it.”

It is believed that increased contact with the rest of Canada following the construction of the Confederation Bridge soured Islanders on their citizenship in that country.   “The last straw was that appointment of Mike Duffy as our representative in the Canadian Senate.” said Bernard. “If the Prime Minister of the country doesn’t take us seriously, well …”

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