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BC referendum on Magical Thinking

Sep 14th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Featured

A tired and emotional Premier Gordon Campbell yesterday announced he would cave to pressure from a coalition of ideologues and idiots and hold a referendum on Magical Thinking.  Proponents of the Magical Thinking initiative believe that collective mental energy can address court backlogs, burgeoning health care costs and crumbling infrastructure while at the same time reducing taxes.

Twitish Columbia

“Back when the Socreds had the wheel we didn’t pay any attention to reality and we got along just fine,” said former Minister of Cheese, Gab Van Blammer.  “You just gotta believe and you don’t need to be paying no taxes.”

The advocates of the tax decreases argue that most Blitish Columbians have enough skill, energy and organization to take on most of the work done by the state. “We’ll run our own courts, without all the fuss” said Van Blammer. “We can pave our own roads out here. And if you eat enough apples and cheese and sleep under a pyramid you won’t need no witch doctoring.”

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