Actor Fondles PM

Newfie thesp "just being friendly"

Oct 16th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Arts

Goofy Cop #3

An unknown bit player yesterday fondled the buttocks of Prime Minister Steve Harper when the PM visited the set of a Toronto television production.

Harper was posing with the crew when the actor, identified on call sheets only as “Goofy Cop #3”,  groped him.

URNews found the actor, still in costume, in a bar near the set.  The man refused to give his name.  He did admit to being an itinerant performer from Newfoundland. “Fuckin’ Danny Williams is after givin’ Stevie such a hard time I thought I’d show him dat der are still a few baymen dat loves ‘im”.  The unidentified actor said placing his hand on the Prime Minister’s buttock was a gesture of affection but not in any way sexual. “Look, a fella has sex wid anudder fella when he’s in jail or fuckin’ loaded, dat don’t mean he’s a homo, right?”

Conservative spokesman Dunning Kruger said the actor’s conduct confirmed the view that Canadian artists were “dissipated socialist degenerates.”

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