Dangerous Levels of People “In the Moment”

Awareness of past and future critical

Oct 25th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Featured

So many people have obeyed the entreaty to “li Effective Way To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Now! ve in the moment” that the human species is in very real danger of losing contact with the past and future, say experts.

“We need people taking things from the past to better make decisions about their future,” says National Institute of Being Research Fellow Hugh St. James. “We are finding people trapped ‘in the moment’ unable to plan.  In the worst cases they have perished from thirst.”

The belief that “being in the moment” provides an elevated state of existence has crept into Western thought through the misunderstanding of some aspects of ancient Eastern mysticism. “It is vaguely understood as something to do with yoga but it really has no essential meaning,” said Dr. St. James. The belief does, however, rationalize one not dealing with exigencies of the near future.  People “in the moment” are better able to avoid responsibility or account for their actions.  The inability to adequately fund pension programs or maintain civil infrastructure are seen as consequence of ignorant “nowness”.

Dr. St. James believes the phenomena may be self-correcting as the current “moment”, at least in North America, becomes a less pleasant one.  “We are bound to see more people ‘living in the past’ or ‘living in a complete fucking fantasy world’ as time goes on.”

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