Ozzy Releases New Covers Album

Why The Fuck Not?

Oct 6th, 2010 | By Paul Moth | Category: Featured

Ozzy Osborne, former lead singer of heavy metal monolith Black Sabbath, has released a new album of covers.

Why The Fuck Not? shows a different metal magnate; light has been cast on the darkness.

Rambling in an exclusive URNews interview, Osbourne said he was proud of the performances and defended his choices, “If fucking Phil Collins and Robert fucking Plant can do it, why the fuck can’t I fucking do it? Fuckers.”

The songs on the disc will come as a surprise to fans of a man who bit the head off a chicken during an early Sabbath performance – “It wasn’t a fucking chicken. It was a fucking bat, wunnit.”

There are versions of John Lennon’s How ( “He’s the fucking greatest, you know what I mean?”), Baby Love by the Supremes (“We’d fucking sing this in the back of the fucking Sabbath van between gigs in Birmingham. Fucking deadly harmonies in that band, mate. You wouldn’t fucking believe the high notes what’s his name the drummer used to hit. We were a fucking harmony band, man. Wun’t we?”) and A Spoon Full of Sugar, from the film Mary Poppins.

Holy fuck, man, a spoon full of sugar … do you fucking know what that means?  Julie Andrews, fuck … I mean, fuck. She was such an inspifuckingration to Sabbath.” Don’t get Ozzy started on the Trapp Family, upon whom the Andrews vehicle Sound of Music stage play and film were based. “The fucking Trapp Family fucking singers, man. I memorized that whole fucking album.” Indeed, the stirring version of My Favourite Things glows with a love we have not come to expect from Osborne.

Indeed, the homage to Andrews continues with a subtle reading of another Mary Poppins tune, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. “Superclagifistic … superfraggledipstick … fuck, I can only fucking say it when I’m singing it,” said Osbourne, “but can I ever sing it, wha’? Wha’?”

He can and he does, with support from the likes of former Sabbath mates bass player Geezer Butler (“Geezer, wha’? Holy fuck. I mean, yeah, ur, what’s it, fuck, yeah, Geezer”) and guitarist Tony Iommi (“What the fuck, hey? Tony, he’s my mate”).  Top flight metal studio drummers Stixx Mink and Barney Kimble, keyboard whizzes Valerio Cmspyn and Regina McBride also appear, as do vocalists Brazzy Brazzero and Eve Yves. A special guest on two cuts is hip-hop artist B Nice 2 Me.

“Sabbath invented fucking hip-hop, man. Not many people give us credit for that,” says Ozzy.

“We’re taking this on the road in `11,” concludes Osborne, “as soon as rehab and parole matters are cleared for some of the blokes in the band.”

Why The Fuck Not? is available as an MP4 download, on a special, limited-release 228g vinyl disc, and also on a commemorative 8-track tape.

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