Tea Party iPad App

It's turning heads and skin

Oct 12th, 2010 | By Signor Blaine | Category: Science and Technology

The Tea Party has released an application for Apple products.

“My America” is a virtual environment,  like the popular “Best Life” or “Sim City,”  in which users are architects of a fantasy life.  In “My America,” users can change the political and social landscape of the United States with the touch of a finger. In a demonstration of the product, “My America” creator Walter Washington Lee  put horns on the head of  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and gave President Obama white skin.  Lee claims that early users of the app “have  rid ‘virtual America’ of the 30 million souls without health care” just by lighting Tea Party.org founder and President Dale Robertson’s cigar.

“This is a real bright day for U.S. Americans.” said Robertson of the app after being shown how to use it by his daughter. “It’s like before, when I would tell peoples what we was all about, they’d just scoff and say I’s insane. But now, ‘cause of this here eye patch applithingy, I can show ’em. So who’s laughing now, babies, hunh?”

“My America” also includes a bonus game when you download the app. In “Gringo’s Revenge” you are given the headshots of every suspected illegal immigrant in the United States.  If you can correctly ‘flick’ the immigrants back to their native country you earn Dixie Dollars. But flick them where they don’t belong and you lose DD’s and the immigrant takes your job.

Lee says “My America” is the first in a series of new Tea Party apps. Soon “My Iraq,” “My Way” and “My Ass” (“that’ll give the Democrazies something to cozy up to on their iPads”) will be available.

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