Znaimer A “Goner”

Media Once-was to remake "Zoomer" Magazine

Oct 22nd, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Arts

Moses Znaimer is once again reinventing himself and his tiny Toronto media orbit with the launch of “Goner,” a magazine for dead and dying baby boomers.

“It is a natural evolution from the baby boomer obsession with youth, witnessed in projects like Much Music, to the boomers’ collective denial that they would decline with age, as manifested by “Zoomer” magazine,” said Ryerson’s Kevin Irtle, a professor of Communications. “‘Goner’ is really about acceptance.”

“Goner” magazine will feature stories on assisted living, using your money to manipulate the poorer young, new frontiers in especially self-indulgent funeral ceremonies and designer coffins.

“The nearly dead will soon be the largest demographic in Canada,” said Media Buyer Judy Pearson, “we really have to explore what we can sell them.  We want to think outside the adult diaper. Sure mushy food will be big, but what about pharmaceuticals?  The baby boomers will be taking drugs right up to the end. When they said pot was a gateway drug they didn’t think it would lead to Celebrex.”

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