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Harper's Duck-billed Boy, Space Aliens new focus

Nov 16th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Business
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Increasingly desperate for readers and cut off from Government support, venerable Maclean's Magazine is turning to sensationalism.  The magazine recently ran cover stories accusing Quebecers of being on the take, and the tweens  of Canada of being on the knob.  This past week the publication created controversy again by saying that Canadian Universities were  becoming “too Asian.”

But the complete transformation of the one-time general interest and news weekly into a supermarket tabloid will come next week with the cover story, “Harper's New Duck Boy,” which alleges that Canadian Prime Minister Steve Harper will fill cabinet vacancies created by the departure of Jim Prentice and Pete Mackay with an unel

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ected “duck-billed boy” from Alberta.  Other stories in the edition are “Is The NBA Too Black?,” “New Poutine Diet,” “Danny Williams Space Alien,” “Nostradamus Predicted Harper Monarchy,” “Cabinet's Worst Beach Bodies” and “CBC – Haven for Maoist Lesbians.”

Columnist Andrew Coyne is angry at all Canadians for being too stupid and Paul Wells has a feature article on the music of the new, “sluttier” Miley Cyrus.  Brian Johnson will now review video games.

New columnists are also scheduled for this coming fall and winter. They will include Charles McVety on science, while Kory Teneycke will serve as the new media critic.

A new foldout photo spread called Macleansmate features as its inaugural subject an exposé of Anna Chapman.  Future Macleansmates are rumoured to include Julie Couillard, the Ladies of Lauren Harper's RCMP Security Squad and John Baird.

Regular contests and giveaways also will be part of the new magazine as soon as sponsors are found.

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