Disease of Democracy

Harper to quash terrible blight

Nov 19th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: News

With his Senate voting down a disagreeable bill on climate change, Prime Minister Steve Harper has begun a comprehensive program to eradicate the plague of democracy that has ravaged Canada since 1867.

“It's a start,” cautioned conservative spokesman Dunning Kruger. “One shitty little bill about climate.  But we are determined to put an end to this terrible, terrible condition.”

There was misunderstanding when the Cons

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ervative-controlled Senate killed the bill, passed months earlier by the Canadian Parliament, that it was motivated by climate change denial. “There is no consensus about climate,” said Kruger, “it's democracy that Big Steve denies.”

But for one brief disappearance in 1970 democracy has been an almost continual problem in modern Canada. “Once it gets established it is a bitch to get rid of,” said Kruger.

Harper, who governs Canada with the explicit support of less than 18% of eligible voters, has long seemed an ideal candidate to rid the country of representative government.  Just last week Harper committed the Canadian Military to Afghanistan without debate by the elected representatives of the people of Canada.

“We've managed to function with endemic democracy,” said Kruger, “but only just.”

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