Glenn Beck Agent of Liberal Elites

Risk of Sucker Blowback Real

Nov 1st, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Featured

Glenn Beck: Tool of the Liberal Elites

Shocking new photos of Glenn Beck are shaking the foundations of the American right wing magical thinking movement.  The candid shots show Beck eating Hajikurru, or “lesbian sushi,” in the company of another man not his wife. The unidentified man is thought to be an experimental video artist.

Beck was having lunch at Manhattan’s exclusive “Tojob”, a Japanese restaurant specializing in an expensive and painfully austere form of sushi prepared and served only by elite lesbians from Hokkaido.  The restaurant is a well-known haunt of unrepentant liberals.

The lunch-job, along with recent revelations that he was born Glenneth Beckstein to two mothers, have many thinking that Beck may not be who he pretends to be. This lends credence to the conspiracy theory that the Tea Party movement is, in fact, a creation of elites to manipulate ordinary Americans into supporting their agenda.  “If you think about it, “says analyst Thurman Alcorn  “if they succeed, the Tea Party will decrease the sort of government intervention that sent resources the way of rank and file Tea Party supporters. The principal beneficiaries of smaller government will be, naturally, the elites. Ipso facto, up the wazoo.”

Members of the Tea Party and the like-minded have been convinced that levels of government service will improve with lower taxes and smaller government.  “If the Tea Party gets power the members are very quickly going to see the infrastructure on which they rely crumble. There will be  steep increases in user fees of all sorts. There’ll be less policing and more expensive health care,” Alcorn explained. “If they realize they’ve been suckered there is a real risk of blow back in the form of a swing to the left, the people being manipulated by the secret funders of The Tea Party biting that big money in the ass.”

– with files from Heber Dolphy and Paul Moth

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