Rae's Delusions of Grandeur

Iggy looks the fool, Harper giggles

Nov 18th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Featured

Steve Harper is back on form with his cunning tactical manipulation of Bob Rae on the Afghaniscam file.  Conservative operatives and the United States Ambassador to Canada played to Mr. Rae's distended self-importance and sense of entitlement to manipulate the Liberal Party into supporting an extension of the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan without consulting Parliament.

Bob Rae

Minister of Quebec Baksheesh Moe Cannon and US Ambassador David Jacobson placed “top secret” phone calls to Mr. Rae, flattering him into believing he had a role in life other than fucking up Ontario.  Cannon and Jacobson convinced Rae to swing the easily confused Michael Ignatieff into going along with the US-hatched plan.

“They knew Iggy would be an easy mark,” says URNews analyst Gary

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Brocklehurst. “He got conned on Iraq, he equivocated on torture and thinks he is a lot smarter than he is.”

Rae considers himself a higher class of MP than most so he did not consult with many fellow members of the Liberal caucus.

Steve Harper is said to be delighted that he got his way and, as an added bonus, sewed dissent within the Liberal ranks. “There is only one agenda item at the PMO,” said Brocklehurst, “destroying the Liberal Party.  Harper saw what Rae did to the Ontario NDP, he knew he had his man.”

“Saying 'chalk another one up for Spock' is overstating it,” said conservative spokesman Dunning Kruger. “All those years in therapy did nothing for Bobby's huge ego and Iggy is just hapless. Opportunity knocked. Hello hello.”

The costly Afghanistan mission has never had a defined conclusion.

Contacted in Peshawar Ibrahim Mohammad, a Saudi-funded Islamist proxy working inside Pakistani intelligence, said it was “business as usual” and that while Canada remained “irrelevant” he was happy to see “more money flowing into (his) arms business.”

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