Christmas Address to the Newfoundland Legislature

From the member for Port Forte - St. Isaac, Browers Slusser

Dec 16th, 2010 | By Paul Moth | Category: Featured

Browers Slusser

Mr. Speaker, the season is long past upon us when we wish goodness to all and such. I would like to take this opportunity, Mr. Speaker, to do so, to do that, to be. The taxpayers and taxpayees of Port Forte – St. Isaac, too, are worth the wait. We, as little as we are, spend this time saying that, to everyone, and all a goodnight. Christmas is a Newfoundland tradition, and many the years I remember, as a youth and such, when janneying, Mr. Speaker, that’s right janneying. The best. My father, and yours, too, I allow. The trees and the snow and such, all decorated with festives. The goodliness and Christianess, the midnight masses, buddy at your door while your uncle, you know, was on the roof. This was before the days of the RCMP, when you could go up on your own roof and such. But I digest, Mr. Speaker. I know, and they know, too, that there’s been some disputes, here in the House. But the honourable members opposite, honourable as they are, honourable to us, Mr. Speaker, to us and to you and such. And the people. Honourable. There’s no, not today, Mr. Speaker, there’s no, we meet, we forgive, Mr. Speaker, there’s no, you know, no stuff and such. So, Mr. Speaker, from the members of my constituency of Port Forte – St. Isaac to all like-minded and those not and such, Mr. Speaker, let’s have a safe holiday. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

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