Students Shocked by Harper Cowardice

Repelled by Mike Duffy

Dec 29th, 2010 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Lead Article

Students participating in a “Youth Town Hall” hosted by Prime Minister Steve Harper and moderated by Senator Mike Duffy were shocked to discover that the entire enterprise was a propaganda stunt stage-managed by stooges from the Prime Minister’s Office.  Difficult questions about climate and environment were not put to Harper. Other questions were alleged to have been rewritten or “reworked” to serve the Conservative re-election agenda, though this has been denied by officials.

Down with youth

The exercise appears to have been an opportunity to capture tape of Steve Harper talking earnestly about the economy with concerned, bright leaders of the future. Other matters were, the Prime Minister said, merely “a side show”.  Questions about maternal health mentioned nothing about sex education, condoms or abortion.  A query about whether a young man could actually physically damage his penis through excessive masturbation was considered, but finally not posed by a confused youth from Vancouver.

“The whole sideshow thing, I think that insulted me the most,” one student told Toronto’s National Newspaper, The Globe and Mail. “I was really upset by that. I find it extremely insulting because we are Canadians, too, and these issues are important to us. If our Prime Minister thinks they are sideshows – I mean this isn’t a government of one.”   Conservative strategist Dunning Kruger saw it differently. “It’s not “officially” a government of one, only in practice.  And do these cry babies really want the likes of Peter Mackay and Stockwell Day making the decisions?  I don’t think so.”

Students were also shocked and appalled by Senator Mike Duffy.  “He is soooo huge,” laughed Harlan Tessier of Winnipeg, “and clammy. And was the dude drunk?”  “He is, like, gross,” said Susan Milligan of Toronto. “What is that telling young people? You prop up the odious Conservatives on your television program with completely biased yellow-journalism and get a seat in the Senate as a reward?  It makes me think that, like, Canada is some sort of, like, corrupt banana republic. I mean, like, yew.”

“At least,” said Tessier “we didn’t have to sit with Iggy for the evening.” “Yeah,” agreed Milligan, “that would have been way gross.”

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