Top 10 Media Bubbles from the Year Passed

If you're sick go to a hospital

Dec 30th, 2010 | By Pantagruel | Category: Featured, Lead Article

This annus of bubbles bursting with rank fizzle in the scum of the warming global bathwater comes to a thankful end, but as I prepare to haul carcass from the slop here’s ten that still foul the atmosphere:

Vive Le Quebec Librrrrrrrrrrrrr....

1.  an overripe stinker from the stout swill of gilded Dublin’s bowels

2. a hollow postprandial blast from over-consuming North American arseholes looking to ease their bloated guilt by trumpeting leftover turkey gas toward Haiti

3. the fungal flatulence of the vuvuzela

4. liberal emanations from Iggy’s summer burgers

5. a cloying sickly-sweet spreader courtesy of Arsebook

6. long-winded retro-bull roaring from Don’s Cherry

7. the stale male “wall o’ fart” off Steve Harper’s Parliamentary garage band

8. Albertan tar sands emissions

9. ignoraphilic gas squeaking from the hole of reality show dominatrix Sarah Palin

10. Wikileaks

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