2011 Over All Ready

Prepare for the heady days of 2012

Jan 20th, 2011 | By Paul Moth | Category: Featured

The New New Year - 2012 beats 2011 already

It is already too late to save 2011.

Experts in socio-pathology, economic realism and political vivaciousness from around the world met in Las Vegas this week for a brain-busting colloquium on the future, “Twenty Come Eleven.”

According to their reports, the near future is short, don’t bet on it.

The diverse groups issued a joint statement on Sunday following hours of excruciating debate and consensus-seeking.

“The less said about 2011, the better,” said spokesperson Thang Turlett. “Lie low for a year or so.”

“There’s nothing to see here, folks,” said Bill Glendenning, head of the Directorate of International Response to Emergencies, “move along. 2011 will be the un-event of the early part of this century. Think Millenium Bug. Think H1N1. Think Dan for Mayor.”

2011 has long been overlooked by attention to its elder sibling, 2012. “Presidential election, Mayan calendar end-of-times excitement, leap year … it’s got it all,” concludes Turlett.

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