C.R.T.C. decision boon for URNews

Eases restrictions on "false and misleading news"

Jan 17th, 2011 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Featured

“It’s a great day for the sort of nonsense we publish here,” said URNews Head-In-Chief Elsworth Lundrigan. “And not a moment too soon. The real nonsense has come close to lapping this outfit’s most outlandish imaginings.”  URNews officials have long complained that comic publications masquerading as legitimate news organs, such as The National Post, have been unfair competition.

Ms. Ezra Levant

The decision brings Canadian standards for accuracy in reportage closer in line with the more liberal interpretation of United States non-regulators.  Syncing-up Canada’s rules will ease the U.S. media’s complete takeover of Canadian broadcasting.

The decision anticipates a need  to accommodate the steady stream of lies and misinformation expected from Sun TV News. “Everybody in this racket wondered how they were going to let cranks like Ezra Levant puff and bloviate on Pelédeau’s propaganda thingy.  Now they will have free reign to spout whatever kooky fringe right-wing hooey they like. ”

The C.R.T.C. decision does, however, draw the line at profanity. “Cunnyhoppers!,” said Lundrigan, “How dare they.”

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