Fountain of Mouth

News spreads via word of youth

Jan 19th, 2011 | By Paul Moth | Category: Arts

Elling Twidght meets with his advertising department, Word of Youth

Elling Twidght, an unemployed trainspotting enthusiast from Winkleigh, Devon in the United Kingdom, claims to have made the discovery that has been the dream of billions before him – Elling has discovered the mythical Fountain of Mouth.

“All my life,” says Twidght, “I’ve sought it. It has always been my Holy Grill, my raisonette.”

Twidght’s quest took him across Devon from Great Torrington to Crediton Hamlets. Occasionally, the search expanded in to Cornwall and Somerset and once, all the way to Berkshire. Why?

“Hell, who hasn’t wanted to talk like the great international gabbers,” responds Twidght. “I think of the famous historical speakers – Demosthanes, Winston Churchill, Joan Rivers.”

Twidght does remain mum about one thing, though, and that is the location of the Fountain of Mouth.

“There’ll be no Winkleigh Leak from me,” he half-jokes. “Seriously, though, I don’t want my fount to suffer the same fate as the Blarney Stone. Think of all the germs on that.”

Twidght has plans for a museum celebrating his Fountain of Mouth. It will be established in the old Railway Station in Okehampton, near his home. “It will be fabulous to put two of my great passions together, trains and talk.”

He also plans to honour speakers of the past.

“There will be displays and audio/video when possible,” says Twight. “I’ll install some historical exhibits on Dale Carnegie and Don Rickles, for instance. And I hear Oscar Wilde was a pretty good debater and such.”

Contemporary figures like Kathy Griffin and Ricky Gervaise will also be presented.

“And the first mouth inducted into my Hall of Fame will be Robin Williams. I’m hoping he’ll make an appearance.”

Elling Twidght’s Museum of the Fountain of Mouth opens in June.

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