Ruggitt Rigging Rocked

Sport risks becoming “an international joke”

Jan 4th, 2011 | By Carl Johnson | Category: Lead Article

Authorities in the Isles das Brhammas were investigating allegations of irregular betting that have cast a pall over the first ever Dutch Ruggitt World Challengeship currently underway in Cancán, capital of the Caribbean nation.

Accusations of illogical betting surfaced after the island’s leading tabloid, Der Schlep reported that it had given money to Brhamman captain, Gus Hink to influence the outcome of a match.  The money was later given to a rival team’s broomstalker to commit a senseless “sweeping” foul at the same critical moment in the match that Hink’s gelding made a dubious misstep.  The result was a draw that allegedly cost the tabloid’s editors millions of pounds in lost wagers.

Match fixing is a long established part of the game of ruggitt, and there was widespread shock at what one observer called “a totally unacceptable mockery of a highly respected sham”.

The ruggitt-playing nations of the Least Antilles had struggled for the past year to agree to terms for a World Challengeship that would raise the profile of the unusual sport played principally by the descendants of offshore bank employees in the picturesque chain of inconsequential former colonies of Holland, Denmark and Upper Silesia.

Investigators for the International Ruggitt Federation and local betting magnates were uncertain about what Hink could have gained from re-fixing the match.  Hink could not be reached for comment.

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