Study Links Overeating to Obesity

Alcohol consumption may be connected to drunkeness

Jan 13th, 2011 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Science and Technology


A landmark longitudinal study has made definite links between the consumption of excess calories and weight gain.  “There is an amazing correlation between eating too much and getting fat,” said Dr. George Arbuckle of the University of Toronto. “What’s more, the effect is compounded when the subjects do little more than lie on a couch and watch endless hours of television.”

Certain groups in the study consumed excess calories in highly concentrated solutions of sugars.  To induce accelerated consumption of the sweetened liquid substance subjects were first provided with highly salted solid agents.  “We made the solid drink inducers more tempting by deep frying them into crispy wafers,” said Arbuckle.

Curiously the content of the material broadcast on the televisions had little effect in keeping the subjects sedentary for long periods. “We could put any old thing on the televisions,” said Arbuckle, “people would still just sit there and watch.”

An unforeseen finding came from a study group that were given highly caloric solutions that contained alcohol.  “Subjects that consumed large amounts of the alcohol solutions became drunk,” noted Arbuckle. “At the highest levels of consumption we saw subjects achieve a level of impairment of 8 on the Duffy Scale, or Condition Shitfaced.”

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