Would You Believe, 2014?

Harper's Afghanistan lie grows like a corpse in the sun

Jan 1st, 2011 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Politics

Canada must stay in Afghanistan until 2014 because the situation there is about to magically change for the better, according to conservative spokesman Dunning Kruger. “Hey, The West has been at this since the time of Alexander the Great, and we are very close to bringing Afghans around to our way of thinking.”

Local police

Canada was told of the continuation of its mission under another name by United States Senator John McCain two weeks ago. “Johnnie laid

how to get him back

it all out for us. The Pakistani intelligence service was going legit, most of the Taliban will be born again as Christians, and Hamid Karzai will finally be paid off.”  Senator McCain earlier won the Vietnam War from a prison cell in Hanoi.

“It's all gonna be good, “said Kruger,” the Afghan military just have to master not ditching their uniforms and hiding and they'll be ready to take over.”

The Afghan army are not being asked to control the entire country, only those symbolic road junctions and camps held by the NATO military spending alliance.

“Hey, the Igmeister is on board, Bob Rae is all fucked up about it, it's a done deal.”

When asked why Minister of War Peter Mackay seemed to know nothing of the plans, Kruger said “Dimitri Soudas was supposed to tell him.”

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