Lacroix says CBC will “reverse skating”

5 year plan will take pubcaster back 10 years

Feb 2nd, 2011 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Featured

Without having to state that programing at the CBC has been an unmitigated disaster President of the National Public Broadcaster Hubert Lacroix announced a 5 year plan to undo many of the changes undertaken over the last decade.  The plan, dubbed “2015-Everyone, Every Way” is not, as originally reported by URNews , a CBC foray into the  adult entertainment business.

Lacroix and Stewart

Lacroix promised to open local radio stations as opposed to closing them, increase the sharply decreased local television news and send all former Much Music employees back to the private sector.  The move to more regional programming will be difficult as the CBC has systematically installed spineless yes-men in middle management for a generation.

“Everyone knows that it has been a sort of slow motion catastrophe at CBC”, offered Media analyst Juliette Parker-Keen. “I don’t know if peddling backward will arrest the momentum pulling the broadcaster faster and faster into the crevasse … but at least he’s trying.”

CBC executives said the cash strapped organization would fund the changes with “360-degree revenue management” and  “an enterprise-wide approach to procurement and merchandising”, management non-speak for “magic beans.” “All earlier plans to generate more content with fewer resources have been abject failures” admitted a masked executive. “I know Canadian content providers prefer money … but the magic beans are better than nothing.”

The ultimate winding-up of the CBC has been delayed until the Conservative Party of Canada attains a majority in Parliament.

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