After-Hours University “Class” Under Fire

Pedagogy or Pederasty?

Mar 8th, 2011 | By Paul Moth | Category: Featured

Not a week after the controversy surrounding a Northwestern University’s Professor commissioning a live sex demonstration for students, the action has gone north east.  The University of Newfoundland at St. John’s is investigating claims that a Psychology Department professor of Interpersonal Relations, a course in basic human needs, invited some graduate students to “a bum-fuck jamboree” at Pronger Grove, UNSJ’s parkland retreat in the forest abutting its campus last weekend.

The teacher, Dr. Irwin Santeria de los Gringos – Peabody, writes in a statement that he is “gravely disappointed that the University attempts to curb investigative thought.”

The President of UNSJ, Dr. Enver Hoddinott, says “it is a sad day for us at UNSJ, when a noted researcher of Dr. Santeria de los Gringos – Peabody’s reputation comes under suspicion.”

Dr. Santeria de los Gringos – Peabody, Zoomer Research Chair in Hotcha Pizzaz, is on paid leave, Dr. Hoddinott added.

The “special event” came to light when Dean Dean Darlington, Proctor of Palme House, mistakenly received an invitation.

“I became immediately concerned about the young men and women not only of Proctor House but all the residences on campus,” he said. “Following my investigation of the evening, I have photographic evidence of the depravity, I advised the proper university authorities.”

“This is blown all out of proportion,” claims Dr. Santeria de los Gringos – Peabody. “I told a few graduate students they could join me for some light psychedelics and other refreshments during a relaxed investigation into basic human sexual requirements.”

The invitation to the event left little to the imagination.

“Come one, come all [over me!]! Dr. SG-P wants you … and you want him! The annual Psych Dept Bum-Fuck Jamboree, this Saturday night! Come early, come often! Special events include Donkey Kong, Javelin Toss, and Rude Awakening. Food? Corn Dogs, baby. When? Lights go down at 7:30. Where? If it were up your ass you’d know it! [Pronger Grove]”

“Granted,” say Dr. Hoddinott, “this event was not required for marks and attendance was optional, but the message it sends to the community is not one which UNSJ wants to become public. We are investigating.”

Reports that an Animal Laboratory was invited are unconfirmed.

Student feedback on the event was “unanimously positive,” said Dr. Santeria de los Gringos – Peabody. “What could be wrong with that?”

The current troubles recalled for many the 1973 controversy in naming Palme House after the famous Danish Sexologist Dr. Jurgen Palme.  Palme’s text “Adventures in Danish Tit-fucking” was considered, at the time, pornographic.  It is now a standard text in many university psychology programs.

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