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CBC had an idea

Mar 9th, 2011 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Lead Article

This is the idea.


In a bold move, CBC Television will give over its entire afternoon schedule to right wing huckster Kevin O’Leary.  O’Leary is already known to CBC audiences as a panelist on Dragon’s Den, as one half of the Lang & O’Leary Exchange and for his morning musings on CBC Radio.

“Kevin will essentially be given free reign to pronounce on subjects about which he knows very little, and to just generally free-associate” said a masked CBC executive.

Broadcast analysts are unsurprised by the move.  Few of the oldsters tuned to CBC  have noted or complained about O’Leary’s round-the-dial presence on the main CBC network, the former Newsworld and former radio.

That is in contrast to O’Leary’s fellow “Dragons”.  They are said to be furious that O’Leary is diminishing the value of the “Dragon Brand” with over exposure.  “It’s simple supply and demand,” said a Dragon on condition of anonymity. “There is now a huge over supply of O’Leary. He’s flooded the right-wing blowhard market with his discount product.”

Palpable tension on the set of the show has not interfered with production. “We take it out on the suckers and rubes who show up with their latest dingbat thingamabob.  Humiliating them is a vent for our seething rage and, hey, it makes for terrific television.”

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