Laureen Harper (Still) in The Saddle

PM's wife shows good horse sense

Mar 29th, 2011 | By Paul Moth | Category: Politics

PM's wife enjoying Equine Display

Laureen Harper, sometimes seen with Prime Minister Steve Harper of Canada as his wife, is a woman who knows her own mind, has the reputation of being both a cunning campaigner and a selfless philanthropist .

It came as some surprise, then, when her secretary Doreen Reddy announced that, on the eve of a national election, Ms Harper made a change in one of her critical patronage endorsements.

“Ms Harper comes from range country,” said Ms Reddy, “and as such, has a deep and abiding love and respect for farm animals.  Particularly, horses.” In fact, Ms Harper raised eyebrows in Ottawa when she took up residence at Sussex Drive in 2006 and immediately installed a stable in the car court.

Ms Reddy announced that Ms Harper has decided “to drop her title as ‘Patron of the Calgary Stampede’ in favour of becoming the new patron of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride.”

Ms Harper’s husband’s law and order fixation, though, is not given as reason for this change. Ms Reddy, in her statement, quotes Ms Harper as saying “the Calgary Stampede is just too rough.”

The move is also seen to reflect changing priorities of the Conservative Party. “We are not some right-wing Western fringe party any longer,” said spokesman Dunning Kruger, “we are an ultra right-wing Ontario party now, All Hail Mike Harris!  Besides who else are those suckers in Alberta gonna vote for?”

The change will not effect Ms. Harper’s roll as a stand-in for the Prime Minister at cultural events for which he holds deep disdain.  So there is no confusion Ms. Harper is often accompanied to such events by Minister of Anger and Denunciation John Baird, a known bachelor with a fondness for the arts.

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