Protests Hit Canadian Streets

We want more, for less, now!

Mar 3rd, 2011 | By Paul Moth | Category: Sports

The power of people in the streets is raising security alerts in the halls of governing structures around the world.

Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Libya, Bahrain, Iraq, Morocco – all have erupted and quaked as their populaces demanded accountability and answers from their leaders.

Uprisings have spread across the face of the United States, too – Wisconsin, Arizona, California, North Dakota. No longer is the status quo the sina qua non.

And now Toronto.  Hogtown is the first city in Canada where marches have taken place and protesters have demanded more. Thousands gathered today in front of the Air Canada Centre in the downtown area demanding that the Toronto Maple Leafs ice a competitive hockey team.

Miffed Maple Leaf fans demonstrate outside Air Canada Centre, Toronto

“We’ve had enough,” shouted Alan Baird, a fan sporting a vintage Maple Leafs jersey.

In a display that brought traffic on the Lakeshore Boulevard and Bay Street to a stop for an unprecedented ten minutes, the usually tranquil and accepting fans voiced their disapproval of the way the team is run.

“We have the most valuable franchise in the NHL,” wept Shirley White, “but our team plays like they’ve already retired.”

The Toronto Maple Leafs have not won the Stanley Cup, emblematic of hockey supremacy,”since, oh, Jesus, since the fucking sixties. My grandfather remembers it as a child,” said Baird.

“(Leaf General Manager Brian) Burke must pay!” shouted some of the protesters, warding off the cold with Tim Hortons Hot Chocolates in hand.

Toronto’s vaunted anti-terrorism police broke up the demonstration when they placed parking tickets on the BMWs and Volvos lining the sidewalk in front of the arena.

“Police brutality!” shouted Baird.

“Hey, it is pretty heavy-handed, you got to admit,” said White of the police action. She jumped into her Ford Explorer and left, but not before vowing “to be back if the weather holds off.”

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