Temporary Hiatus

Satirists overwhelmed by perfidy and idiocy in Ottawa

Mar 14th, 2011 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Lead Article

“It’s just been too much for our crack team to handle,” said URNews Head In Chief Elsworth Lundrigan. “One Harper Government scandal and bungle after another, and the opposition parties looking on from the sidelines.”  Owing to a recent surfeit of mockable material URNews will be on a brief, temporary hiatus in order that its team can be rested in preparation for the looming Federal Election.

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The final straw came this past weekend with Stockwell Day’s announcement that he would not be running for office in the next election.  “Stock was the very personification of today’s Conservative,” said Lundrigan. “From the West, anti-intellectual, a patsy for Big Oil and Steve Harper.  Seeing him go and the Party falling into the hands of Ontario Mike Harris Conservatives was just too much of a good thing.”

Key members of the URNews staff are said to be resting in advance of blood transfusions in a clinic in the Swiss Alps.


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