Iceland Remains Difficult

Nation of drunks clinging to volcano in North Atlantic hard to figure

Apr 12th, 2011 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Business

Enjoy. Everything else in Iceland has turned to shit.

Icelanders have rejected their government’s plan to repay the £3bn owed to Britain and the Netherlands from the crash of the country’s banking system in 2008 saying that “investors dumb enough to invest in something called ‘Icesave'” have to take some responsibility.

“We in Iceland are not only in stupid,” said Karl Ásgpergers Signdrome, a leader of opposition to the proposal. “Some in Englandland and Lowdown Country who believed in Iceland Elfin Magic Finance must say we are in stupid with you.”

Indeed, in retrospect, the Icelandic Financial Miracle should have been as transparently implausible as an Irish real estate boom.

“Yes, our mistake, sad friends. We, also, bought much boggy peat heath shambolic turf huts, thinking happily they might be worthy summer homes,” said Signdrome. “There is nothing good in them.”

Iceland’s economy, built on tourism, Björk  and Pixie Dust, went into the hot tub when all of the country’s banks disintegrated.

“Jolly deregulation, ho-ho, such a happy time, yes? Then restructuring of banking system. Two or three people thought this a good idea, but bad vuggum,” said Signdrome. “Much smirking Pixie Dust dealers living now in UK and Germany.”

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