Canada rebranding fast tracked with anti-terror legislation

Sep 8th, 2011 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Featured

The rebranding of the Government of Canada as The Harper Government will be aided by the re-introduction of post 9/11 anti-terror legislation.  “The anniversary of the Islamacist Atrocity was the time to do this,” said conservative spokesmarschall Dunning Kruger, “the media is doing the heavy lifting in terms of public opinion, it’s a full-time fear-a-palooza.”

Leaked memos prove that, despite lies to the contrary from the PMO, the Harper Front has made a concerted effort to remake and rename Canada in the image of its leader, Steve Harper.  “The country has a more Western orientation than it did, its vindictive and backward looking. It publicly spouts  high moral and quasi-religious pieties while  it makes side deals with Gadhafis when there’s money involved.  Have you been to TIFF? It’s desperate for American approbation.  Canada IS Harperania.”

Under the new anti-terror legislation people referring to themselves as Canadians and not Harperanians may be detained indefinitely without trial.  “Why the hell else would we be building all this new incarceration capacity,” said Kruger.

Success of large scale experiments with a police state during the G20 demonstrate that Canadians are generally accepting of greatly diminished civil liberties.  “Except for a few malcontents, vegans and innocent bystanders Harperanians were good with the G20 camp experiment.  The backsheesh Tony Clement delivered to his riding irked them, but mass arrests and police brutality?  Go for it.”

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