Let’s Twist Again, Mr. President

Hail to the Chubby

Sep 23rd, 2011 | By Carl Johnson | Category: Business

Let's twist. Again.

With global markets refusing to take up the US President on his Operation Twist invitation to get down and dirty with the US economy, the White House today announced Operation Twist Again!  The new plan was unveiled at a raucous press conference where the Chief showed he knows his Chubby.  Barry Obama and the hardest working Federal Reserve Chairman in Slow Business, Bennie “and the Jets” Bernanke cut the White House rug with moves that most Washington observers have not seen since Slick Willie Clinton was doing the Meatstick to cool down an overheated bout of hyperstagflation in the mid 1990s.  Barry and Bennie got so low to the carpet that the “significant downside risks” of the latest craze to sweep the nation were on full display for reporters.

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