Coup Planned for Queen’s Park

Hudak Puppet Government Temporary

Oct 7th, 2011 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Politics

Little Jimmy

Enraged that the people of Ontario have not bowed to his will, The Harper Government’s Evil Leprechaun Little Jimmy Flaherty has told aides he will foster a coup to overthrow the McGuinty Liberal Government and replace it, temporarily, with a puppet administration under Timmy Hudak.

“Oh he was one angry little leprechaun”, said a fearful assistant to the magical and malicious munchkin pulling the strings in Ottawa. “Little Jimmy thought he had made his wishes plain to the people of Ontario and they defied him.  A quick putsch and the installation of a puppet government are the least of their worries.  Little Jimmy is considering casting a spell.”

Little Jimmy Flaherty had endorsed Timmy Hudak and believed Ontarians would heed his warning. Instead, steeped as they are in mediocrity, they returned, for a third term the most boring man alive today in North America, Dalton McGuinty.

“I think Little Jimmy underestimated Ontarians deep resistance to change and their fuzzy attachment to the dull and uninteresting,” said the fearful assistant.

Little Jimmy Flaherty is thought to be very disappointed in Timmy Hudak’s performance in the Ontario election.  It is widely assumed Little Jimmy Flaherty will cast a spell turning Timmy Hudak back  into a donkey once a replacement is found. “You can definitely still see the old donkey in Timmy, ” said the fearful assistant. “But there is no way that Jimmy Flaherty’s going to admit it might have been pushing his luck to run such an ass in the contest.”

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