Messy “B” “J”

Obama blows jobs

Oct 12th, 2011 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: News

Robbie Duprie, now employable.

A typographical error has turned a U.S. government “Jobs Program” into a “Bobs Program”, but horse trading on Capitol Hill means the bill which contains the program may pass.  “It would be tricky to mess with the bill now, ” said an unnamed Congressional aide, “and nobody wants to risk losing the support of the Bobs and Roberts out there.”

Because of the error, billions may be spent creating positions for persons named “Bob.”

One of those Americans who would benefit from the Bobs Program, Robbie Duprie of Leshite Island,  Louisiana, says he would otherwise have few opportunities. “I got in some trouble back a few years ago so I can’t be bonded, and I got this glandular thing that effects my body odor. Before the Bobs Program nobody would hire me, now I got my pick of gigs.”

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