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Globe’s Wente Crowned World Idiot of the Year - URNews.ca

Globe’s Wente Crowned World Idiot of the Year

"Margaret, you ignorant slut."

Nov 7th, 2011 | By Carl Johnson | Category: Featured

Globe and Mail colum­nist Mar­garet Wente has won the cov­eted World Idiot of the Year Award given out annu­ally by a panel of the world’s most pow­er­ful big­ots and shit­heads rep­re­sent­ing the Inter­na­tional Planned Idiocy Fed­er­a­tion.  The jury cited Wente’s con­sis­tent abil­ity to heap with­er­ing and vit­ri­olic scorn on the poor­est and most mar­gin­al­ized in Cana­dian soci­ety, while art­fully dress­ing up the right-wing hate pro­pa­ganda as icon­o­clas­tic truth-telling.

High-profile colum­nist Trixie Snatch­ford, who won the award in 2008 for her report­ing on Canada’s vir­tu­ous war for democ­racy in Afghanistan, which finally ended in glo­ri­ous vic­tory, said she was delighted for Wente, call­ing her a “spec­tac­u­lar idiot” who has done “a fan­tas­tic job of turn­ing real­ity upside down in the inter­ests of what­ever agenda cur­rently suits the most reac­tionary sec­tors of the national élite.”  Snatch­ford, who earns an exor­bi­tant salary as a com­men­ta­tor for a large-circulation crypto-fascist Toronto tabloid, praised Wente as “a right-wing hag’s hag  — when the sleazy work of bru­tal mis­in­for­ma­tion and char­ac­ter assas­si­na­tion of defense­less scape goats needs doing, Mar­garet puts on the vel­vet gloves and leaves no marks.”

Head of this year’s jury, Aus­trian Leader’s Party leader Kurt Heimwald said at a press con­fer­ence in Davos that the Idiot of the Year Award is given for life­time achieve­ment rather than a sin­gle piece of work.  “Year after year Mar­garet Wente has been able to main­tain the high­est stan­dards of eth­nic, ide­o­log­i­cal and gen­der stereo­typ­ing, entrench­ing idiocy as a respectable part of every­day life in a way that serves power.”  He did note, how­ever, that Wente had par­tic­u­larly impressed the judges with a recent col­umn that placed the blame for the cur­rent cri­sis of global cap­i­tal­ism on sin­gle moth­ers who were pur­su­ing grad­u­ate degrees in the social sci­ences rather than throw­ing them­selves at the mercy of the free mar­ket to earn a min­i­mal liv­ing as pros­ti­tutes or gar­ment work­ers.  “It’s hard to be more idi­otic than that — and to get away with it in the pages of a main­stream, once-liberal news­pa­per is really an achievement.”

Heimwald also pointed to a col­umn in which Wente launched a bar­rage of racist slurs against the peo­ple of New­found­land, whose uppity leader, Danny Williams had dared to demand a deal from the major oil com­pa­nies that would pro­vide actual rev­enues and an equity stake to the province in return for the plun­der of its off­shore oil and con­t­a­m­i­na­tion of its mar­itime envi­ron­ment in per­pe­tu­ity (the com­pa­nies, des­per­ate for the oil, finally agreed to the deal).  He also praised another in which Wente was able to argue that homo­pho­bic hate-mongers were vic­tims of a tyranny of human rights activists who wield extra­or­di­nary power in Canada.  He also had a good laugh about another col­umn in which a Polak, a New­fie, a les­bian fem­i­nist and a Gol­li­wog go into an affir­ma­tive action bar.  The list went on for some time.

Wente, a fierce critic of rea­son­able wages and ben­e­fits for work­ing Cana­di­ans, earns in the range of $250,000 a year from the Globe and Mail for reg­u­larly serv­ing up anti-union, racist, misog­y­nist pseudo-thinking pop com­men­tary that helps to legit­imize big­otry and elit­ism in Canada.  The Globe prides itself on being one of Canada’s top employ­ers and is known to pro­vide excel­lent ben­e­fits and pen­sions to senior staff like Wente, a for­mer edi­tor of the paper’s Report on Busi­ness (or ROB) where she earned high marks from CEOs as an unusu­ally accom­mo­dat­ing syco­phant and cor­po­rate cheerleader.

In her recent col­umn attack­ing sin­gle moth­ers who study Soci­ol­ogy, Wente called the over­pro­duc­tion by Cana­dian uni­ver­si­ties of peo­ple edu­cated in social, cul­tural and artis­tic spe­cial­ties one of the most seri­ous threats to cap­i­tal­ism at a time when only the elim­i­na­tion of basic labour rights and pub­lic ser­vices can cre­ate the deskilled and cowed work­force nec­es­sary for the con­tin­ued con­cen­tra­tion of wealth and power.  The shame­less hypocrisy is clas­sic Wente, who holds a Bach­e­lor of Arts from the Uni­ver­sity of Michi­gan, a leafy lib­eral col­lege for the pam­pered chil­dren of wealthy peo­ple, and an MA in Eng­lish from the Uni­ver­sity of Toronto.

A friend of Wente who wished to remain anony­mous explained, “What Mar­garet meant is not that select peo­ple shouldn’t study arts and social sci­ences, but that working-class sin­gle moth­ers in Sud­bury shouldn’t have access to that type of edu­ca­tion.  I mean, it’s a regional min­ing town — trade col­lege maybe, or out hook­ing, but Soci­ol­ogy?  Like, since when is there a uni­ver­sity in a place like Sud­bury anyway?”

Accord­ing to Snatch­ford, Wente’s suc­cess may ulti­mately be based on her appeal to the nos­tal­gia of the Upper Cana­dian set for a time when New­fies and other coloured peo­ple knew their place, and no one got in the way of vig­or­ous Bay Street men who earned a good dol­lar rap­ing the coun­try and copy­ing Yank tech­nol­ogy and exploita­tion meth­ods.  “I mean, look at her call for more mechan­i­cal engi­neers — it’s so National Dream, so Hog­town Post-WWII.  We need more mechan­i­cal engi­neers?  In Canada?   In 2011?  It’s too good!  And she gets taken seri­ously, and wins awards.”

Wente could not be reached for com­ment, but a spokesper­son at the Globe said the paper was proud to have another of its colum­nists rec­og­nized for their world-class idiocy.

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