Photo of Carlos Jogs Memory

Guy at MUN Radio was stoned a lot

Nov 18th, 2011 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Arts

Photographs in a news item about the Paris trial of Illich Ramirez Sanchez, also known as Carlos the Jackal, the self proclaimed “professional revolutionary, in the Leninist tradition” has jogged the memory of several former volunteers at the student radio station of Memorial University of Newfoundland, MUNRadio.

Carlos Murphy hosts Jazzorama, Saturdays 11 pm till whenever

“Oh yeah, even before Brian called I saw the photo on the television and thought “uh-oh that Carlos looks an awful lot like Carlos Murphy who used to do that crazy jazz show.”

Brendan Wells, a newsreader at the time, remembers “we used to take up collections to buy hash at the Spanish Caf and Carlos always came back with more than he should have – a dime for a nickel, say. We wondered just a little at this methods, but quickly forgot about it for some reason or another.”

“Carlos Murphy” also served on the Students Union Council as a representative for Foreign Students and distinguished himself by winning for them the right to take target practice in the residence quad. “Semi-automatic fire was often heard coming from Hatcher House,” former dean of Residencies Council Altho Mynton said.

Wells went on to work in print media, until being laid off.  He now works in the fast food industry. “A lot of guys went on to work in Canadian media get laid off, some other guys got various communication jobs with Government and a few even worked in the music business when there was one.  But as far as I know there was only one guy that became a woman and one guy who became a professional revolutionary, in the Leninist tradition”  Wells thought, but wasn’t certain, that the man who became “The Jackal” was the same individual who scored that amazing stickweed that time.

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