Rob Anders Gets Nostalgic

Remembers days when he was a fringe lunatic

Nov 1st, 2011 | By Coco Cabrera | Category: Politics

Calgary West MP Rob Anders is said to be melancholic and wistful, overcome with a nostalgia for the days when he was considered a deranged and intellectually challenged champion of far right wing nonsense. “Rob is a guy who used to be out there on the fringes,” said a closeted homosexual working for the Conservative Party. “These days his formally lunatic ideas about the role of the state in society have become mainstream in the New Harper Canada.”

President of the Canada-Germany Inter Parliamentary Group

Indeed many of Rob Anders’ kookiest ideas are now in the process of becoming Harper Government policy. “For years Rob railed against the CBC,  petitioning to have it defunded.  Now the Prime Minister has him deciding the organization’s fate. Sure he won the culture war, but as a result some of the fight has gone out of him.”

There are hopes that a new battle within the Conservative Party, to make it Canada’s Party of Christ, might re-energize the once outlying idiot from Calgary West.  “There are a bunch of Mike Harris types running the Harper Government that are more about serving big business than God, ” said the closeted source. “Maybe Rob could make their lives miserable. And there are guys like Tony Clement who are only in there to pay off their friends in Ontario. That’s something that should fire up an old Reformer from Alberta.”

“Who knew the centrists and liberals would roll over so easily,” said the source. “Maybe Canada was Rob Anders’ country all along.”



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